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Telco Velocity Broadband is the fastest, most reliable, most accessible and most responsive home and business broadband internet service providers in Zimbabwe.
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Your Communications HERO!


I’ll be your guide into the simply fantastic world of Telco’s fibre optic broadband based communication solutions. I’ll be showing you how you can maximize your communications capabilities, with amazing products, services and future-proof investments, tailor-made to suit YOU! Get ready to go with Telco…broadband and beyond!



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Stay up to date on Telco Offers

GET ALL THE LATEST INFORMATION & DEALS NOW! DON’T miss out on new offers like our #DataMustFall  May promotion Keep an eye on or contact us to sign up for our newsletter to Keep up to date with all the latest developments from Telco with The......

Fun Monday – The history and facts behind Workers Day

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We're dedicated to making your internet experience better. Get reliable and relevant feedback from the most responsive service provider.


You'll always be covered with our established POP (points of presence) in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo, Mutare, Kadoma, Chinhoyi, Kwekwe and Victoria Falls


Navigating the internet should never be a problem! We've simplified telecommunications to make the experience simply amazing for you!


Lightning fast speeds ensure you get your work (or play) done when YOU need. No waiting around; we're not called Velocity for nothing!


A 24 Hr Helpdesk is available to deal with your queries anytime of day, or night...just email or tel: 08683000007-10


We have capped and uncapped packages to suit every pocket!


Keep up to date with all the latest developments from Telco with The Velocity Chronicles newsletter


Need to surf on your phone? Or need to have your website hosted? Telco has a host of various internet services for you to choose from.


Our experienced helpdesk technicians are on hand and ready to answer your call 24hrs a day.

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