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Telco Velocity Broadband is the fastest, most reliable, most accessible and most responsive internet in Zimbabwe.
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Fact Friday – The history of Telco

Fact Friday – The history of Telco



standing-cptV-iconIn 1991, Telco was subtracted by the PTC to undertake the design, installation and commissioning of telephone lines plant, both aerial and buried.

Fast forward to 2002 &  Telco was one of the first to receive a draft licence from POTRAZ.
With this licence we successfully built a network of extensive optic fibre infrastructure for the provision of internet based communication services in all of Zimbabwe’s major cities and towns.
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Our mission is to transform communities through :

1. Providing leadership to the industry through superior context-related solutions (leadership)

2. Using innovative technologies and solutions (innovation)

3. Creating a lasting legacy which creates wealth for all stakeholders (wealth-creation),and

4. Advocating for sustainable development in the Information Communications Technology arena (longevity / sustainability).

In 2015 we launched the now Famous Captain Velocity. Faster, smarter & ultra-helpful, the Good captain brings you the broadband service you have been dreaming of, at prices to suit your pocket!