Fact Friday - Value for money with Telco - Velocity
Telco Velocity Broadband is the fastest, most reliable, most accessible and most responsive internet in Zimbabwe.
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Fact Friday – Value for money with Telco

Fact Friday – Value for money with Telco


standing-cptV-icontelcoIcons-01Did you know Telco Velocity 11G home broadband offers one of the LOWEST home internet packages. With a Fiber connection and speeds up to 5Mbps including a free VoIP phone line with even cheaper call rates. The amazing 11G package offers 11GB of data for just $35 per month which means you are only paying $3.18 per GB. This price means that you can have high speed fiber at home for less then $1.17 a day.

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Going over your monthly broadband data usage limit can be a costly lesson. If you're a heavy data user, unless you're lucky enough to be on a plan with near-unrestricted usage, you'll find yourself faced with the threat of additional expenses on top of your monthly charge.

New ways to stream content from the Internet -- from online TV like the BBC's iPlayer to gaming services such as OnLive and Steam -- mean data is an increasingly precious commodity. It will disappear faster than a leaky boat on a lake unless you regularly monitor and control it.

This guide will help you track your data usage on a month-by-month basis on computers and laptops only.