Fibre Install | Velocity Broadband
Telco Velocity Broadband is the fastest, most reliable, most accessible and most responsive internet in Zimbabwe.
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Fibre Install


Get in touch with the world from the comfort of your home with our Velocity Home broadband packages.

*WIFI Range Extender are available on request.


  • Fibre Install 300m

    RTGS 1,006.25

    • including VAT

  • Fibre install 500m

    RTGS 1,868.75

    • including VAT

  • Fibre Install 999m

    RTGS 646.88

    • including VAT

  • fibre Install 1km+

    • RTGS 5,318.75

    • including VAT

  • Dedicated Fibre Core Install

      RTGS 463.00

    • including VAT

  • Dedicated Fibre Core MRR

      RTGS 520.00

    • including VAT