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Telco Velocity Broadband is the fastest, most reliable, most accessible and most responsive internet in Zimbabwe.
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Get in touch with the world from the comfort of your home with our Velocity Home broadband packages. Offering a great variety of choices so you can choose the one that best suits you. Get more for your money AND from your very own home.

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  • With broadband, the user need not worry about checking email. If the computer is on, the email application will automatically update from the server by checking for new emails.
  • Thanks to broadband, multiple users can work at the same time simultaneously. In contrast to this, if multiple computers are used on the same bandwidth in a dial-up connection, the speed will be very low.
  • Broadband connections have digital connections and are highly reliable. There are fewer breaks as the data transmission is fast. In dial-up modems, at times there is a data overload.
  • As the connection is fast, the download rate is also fast. Thus, downloading, music, files, emails, etc. is much faster in a broadband connection.
  • In a broadband Internet connection, there are no automatic cut-offs or time-outs of the connection.
  • The broadband connection is an “always on” connection. The broadband connection is always on 24/7 once the computer is started. This saves a lot of time as compared to dial-up where the user has to free a phone line, put in a password, connect, and then browse.
  • Broadband connections are billed according to the usage or plan and not as per how much time is spent. Thus, users do not have to keep a track of the time they spend on the Internet.
  • Broadband Internet access is available for wireless devices as well. This connection is an advantage for those who own a laptop, palmtop, or cell phone.