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Telco Velocity Broadband is the fastest, most reliable, most accessible and most responsive internet in Zimbabwe.
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We are still expanding our fibre coverage. What this means is that there are some areas we haven’t reached. . . yet! If you’re in one of these non-fibre areas, good news, we can still offer you a Wimax solution! The Wimax service uses radio waves, unlike fibre which uses optic cables. This means that, with speeds of up to 5mbps, you can still enjoy quality internet connectivity

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What is WIMAX

WiMAX operates on the same general principles as WiFi — it sends data from one computer to another via radiosignals. A computer (either a desktop or a laptop) equipped with WiMAX would receive data from the WiMAX transmitting station.

WiMAX outdistances WiFi by miles. WiFi’s range is about 100 feet (30 m). WiMAX will blanket a radius of 30 miles (50 km) with wireless access. The increased range is due to the frequencies used and the power of the transmitter. Of course, at that distance, terrain, weather and large buildings will act to reduce the maximum range in some circumstances, but the potential is there to cover huge tracts of land.