Successful Business Leadership | New Year’s Motivation
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Successful Business Leadership | New Year’s Motivation


Successful Business Leadership | New Year’s Motivation

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Successful Business Leadership | New Year’s Motivation

It’s the New Year Let’s get your business rolling and flowing, to ensure that you become more profitable in this year. Leadership and motivation are the essential, driving glue when it comes to successful businesses. “Satisfaction depends not merely on having goals, but on having the right goals,” most successful companies “stand for something and contribute to the world.” Today we take a peek preview into to some of the factors that contribute to successful businesses through inspired leadership and motivated employees

Happy staff | Motivational Strategies
Making sure people enjoy coming to work. Without the employees, a business would never be what it is, ensuring that your employees are happy is a key factor, in ensuring that your business flourishes

It’s all about an environment that makes teams feel like family. Having your teams multitask is important it keeps them from getting bored and stuck in a rut- you can have your team scale up the ladder internally for instance one can start as a receptionist, and have them doing marketing, room for growth is always important in an organization

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Empower Your Team

You can train facilitators to get teams to share what they’re working on, get exposed to new ideas and encourage each other to make commitments–and report back to the chapter when they’ve done it. Create accountability and provide role models. Get members to also get a say in what they want to learn.

“If you hire well and people have a sense of pride in what they’re doing, that’s a great motivator”

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Staff engagement 

it’s important that everyone in the company is a shareholder, from entry level to president, and they understand they’re doing this for themselves as well as others. It’s important to remind people of the company values, because when those are aligned, you create an atmosphere where everyone is building together. Nothing compares to that.

Personal growth

You can’t get everybody to give the best of themselves unless you understand what drives each individual and what they care about the most. They know I want them to make more money, but the last few years we’ve been better about finding ways to provide personal growth and holistic fulfillment.


Motivating an indie artist is really about education. Help them understand that they can achieve their goals if they apply a small set of best practices. Understand their desire to be creative and to not be distracted from that, and [at the same time we] convince them that this is the direction the industry is headed, and if they want to keep up, they’re going to have to be able to engage with technology.

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From the beginning, I really try to listen to what people have to say and include them in decisions. I constantly try to bring the team together with brainstorms and think tanks and fun group trips.

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Corporate Culture

Before you can ask clients to live their brand, you have to lead by example. Unless you are willing to own it, consumers won’t believe in you. Embrace a “brave” philosophy so everyone knows what you stand for. It gives us a clear path to realizing your potential.
Keeping employees inspired:

People won’t come to work motivated every day, so you have to do different things because everybody responds to different motivators. Maybe it’s letting someone speak at a trade show, or offering a flexible schedule or having a fitness-oriented culture.

One thing that motivates is providing employees with resources for learning and professional development, try to let employees be entrepreneurial within. Kick off your New Year with a strategic plan and a stable business blue print