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Telco Velocity Broadband is the fastest, most reliable, most accessible and most responsive internet in Zimbabwe.
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We have been intensifying our Open Access hotspots campaign.

What is Open Access?

Open Access is a pay-as-you-go hotspot service. We have hotspots in many parts of the country and our vision is to blanket the cities with hotspots, making sure you are always connected and always browsing in this wifi-dominated world. For as little as 50c you can enjoy quality browsing!

Check out our Facebook page to find out more…. https://www.facebook.com/OpenAccessTelcoZim

or visit our website www.openaccess.co.zw

Where can you find our hotspots?


Avenues; Megawatt Court, Tatenda Place, Princess Palace, Zandam Court, Baines maternity
CBD: First Street CellOne, First Street Kingston, First street P&T Comms, ZDECO, Joina Innov8.

Avondale: Shamwari Complex, PaSadza (Flea market)

Westgate: WestSideGrill.

Borrowdale; Sam Levy Spar, Ballantyne Spar, Greek Sizzler Pomona,

Newlands:  Reddune Fitness

Mount Pleasant; Amazon Gardens Arundel, Groombridge Spar…


Africa Cafe, Elephant Walk, Bata Building, Veg Mart Centre, Mama Africa, Soper’s Building, River Entrance Point, Shoestring
BYO: 114 George Silundika, Sibayeni Hotspot, Bulawayo Centre, ZITF hotspot, The Lounge resturant
Mutare: Burger Bar, Millers, Sizzlers, Tower Properties, Itrain College, Palm Court, The Place Resturant, 19 Third Street


Couldn’t find a hotspot near you? Do you want to partner with Telco by hosting an Open Access hotspot in your area? Your resturant? Small business?

Do I qualify to be a partner?
Well if you own a resturant, college,, news cafe, gym, salon, cafe, or any high traffic spots, then yes you qualify! We want to partner with you. If you live in a gated complex or block of flats, you could partner with us by being out hotspot host. As a host you will get some great benefits!!

How do I sign up for this?
Give us a call immediately, 08683 000 034 /17 or email pr<at> telco.co.zw. Speak to Ashirayi or Rejoice who will ensure you get signed up!

For a package to suit your lifestyle and your pocket, connect with us today