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Winter Traveler’s Car Kit Plan

Traveler's Car Kit

Winter Traveler’s Car Kit Plan

 Winter Traveler’s Car Kit Plan

Summer has since drifted away, with winter just around the corner, being fully prepared is always very important here is a Winter Traveler’s Car Kit Plan that we recommend to keep and safe when travelling, or when you’re thinking of preparing for a winter journey

Winter Traveler's Car Kit Plan

  1. First Aid Kit– Either a larger one for the car such as the Adventure Medical Mountain Series Fundamentals kit or the Survival Solutions Traveler First Aid Kit. See the Best First Aid Kit for more information and things you should add to ANY first aid kit.
  2. Sleeping– just in case you are stuck in the car off the road or snowed in somewhere overnight
    • Small Pillow in case you have to sleep in the car
    • Blanket – wool is best, as it still warms even when wet
    • Warm Sleeping Bag –  as an extra when travelling sleeping bagSleeting Bag


  1. Clothing
    • Hats – Your head loses heat fast, and many people don’t wear hats. If you are stuck in the snow you NEED a hat. Stash two in the trunk, a lighter hat and heavier warmer hat.
    • Layers– Long johns in your size and a full change of layered working clothes including underwear. If you get wet a set of dry clothes can make a huge difference.
    • Outer jacketthat stops the wind.
    • Gloves– Winter gloves, mittens or winter knit mittens can go over your existing gloves for extra warmth
    • A regular pair of  insulated work gloves in your size.Winter Wool Socks,
    • Wool Socks– large sized (they should not be too tight) – wool socks will stay warm even if they get wet. If you really want to stay warm a good first layer is polypropylene socks.
    • Scarves– You’ll be glad to have them if you end up walking.
    • Boots– Have an extra pair in your car or truck. You could be dressed up or under-dressed going to the store for a quick trip, and end up needing to slug around in the snow. Consider getting them a bit larger so you can wear wool socks.
  2. Food
    • Weather durable snacks such as granola bars, jerky, dried fruit,
    • Make sure you empty a little water out of bottles in case they freeze, or use flexible water pouches
  1. Tools
    •  Having a couple in the car is a good idea. Flashlight (add AA batteries) or the AAA and/or the  preferably a waterproof flashlight.
    • Depending on which flashlight(s) you choose you will need extra batteries (keep at least 2 extra sets – they are small and if the car battery is dead extra lights will allow you to see in the dark.
      • batteries and a Charger
      • Rechargeable batteries and a Charger *the Nitecore can charge 18650, AA and AAA

Jumper Cables

  • Jumper Cables– cold decreases battery life , and the heavier gauge gets more power to the car being jumped. The higher 800 amp cable is better than the 400 or 600 amp cables.
  • Car Fire extinguisher
  • Quick flat recovery Fix a Flat(or similar)
  • Electronic Road Flares these avoid the risk of fire but require 6 AAA batteries (we recommend lithium or low self-discharge rechargeable AAA batteries) and you might also want Road warning flags because they don’t require batteries.
  • Bright colored safety vestor poncho, to make yourself more visible.
  • Tire Ironor Lug Wrench and a heavy duty scissor car jack or bottle jack with stand
  1. Supplies
    • Heavy Tow Strap if you have ever towed someone, a strap is a LOT safer than just rope or chain.
    • At least two rolls of Duct Tape has an insane number of uses. It can seal a crack in a window, hold on a broken mirror, tape a trunk shut or in first aid situations: immobilize a limb, create temporary splints and even bandages. We keep a couple of rolls and have been happy to have them in the car or van numerous times.
    • Fuse kit various types.
    • A couple of writing markers They can be used to write on pretty much anything, which is useful in an emergency.
  2. Personal Items
    • Keep an extra pair of prescription glasses, sunglasses and/or contacts in your car. Remember, the sunglasses are as important in the winter snow as in the summer glare.
    • Kleenex, some wipes
    • Toothbrush, floss and toothpaste
    • Lip balm
    • Feminine hygiene items as needed
    • Baby/toddler items if needed
    • A towel wrapped around a few cloth diapers, wash cloth or wash cloths is a great add on. You can use the wipes to clean up and towel to dry off. Moist wipes are a good option also, a small package can help clean up a mess.
    • Couple rolls of toilet paper (in zip lock bags) and a couple of garbage bags just in case
      Remember to Stay warm,  and Keep Safe this winter!